Helpful Routine for WoWebony Long Wavy Hair

How to style and maintain WoWebony luxury and airy wavy hair?


Step1  Apply wax to the hair before blowing

Apply a hair-setting wax before blowing, so that the hair style is more natural and easy to get the ideal bulkiness. It is not recommended to use a hair wax that will make the hair stiff and rigid.



Step2 Blow out the curl

Take a proper amount of wax on your hands, spread your palms and apply evenly on your WoWEbony hair. For best results, it is recommended to smooth the curls, then hold them in the palm of your hand and let the hair dryer blow directly at the palm of your hand when blowing,

In this way, the curl can be kept intact, and the heat of the hair dryer can be felt and controlled through the palm of the hand to avoid damage to the hair caused by overheating.



Step3  Styling the hair tail

Shake the curled hair and let the curls be in the most natural fluffy state.

Then take the hair styling product and knead the hair along the curls in spiral way until the end of the hair. Let the hair tail have a feeling of convergence, and if necessary, use a hair dryer with a hood to handle the hair


Step4 Blowing the top of the semicircle

When it comes to luxury wavy hair, if the semi-circular part of the head is full and round, the whole look would be more beautiful.

The hair of the top of the head can be blown to achieve a fluffy look. It is also possible to gently pick up the hair on the surface with a hand, a comb, etc., and then blow dry.


Easy 4 steps, let’s get started with ordering a WoWEbony luxury wavy hair unit:  360SW02 now!