How to Flatten Flyaway?

Flyaway is the enemy of sleek look, and it normally caused by excess static electricity of hair and when it comes to wigs, also it happens to bended hair of knotting the hair strands onto the lace.

What is the effective ways of make the hair strands stay and avoid flyaway?


Taming Flyaway Hair While You Wash


Go for shampoos and conditioners specifically formulated to fight frizz. Products simply advertised as 'hydrating' or 'reparative' may actually contain ingredients that worsen flyaways!

A frizz-fighting shampoo and conditioner contain ingredients to help lock down the hair shaft, Prevent the cuticle from splitting and tame flyaways.

After washing, apply a lightweight, leave-in conditioner. This helps protect the hair from overdrying  and heat damage during the styling process.

Instead of using a towel to wring the hair out, reach for a T-shirt or something of a similar material. .


How to Prevent Flyaways When Styling Hair


Rather than using a brush, use your fingers to detangle hair to prevent breakage. If you have a crazily tangled mane, you may need to change your conditioner or the way you wash your hair.

Use a heat protectant product, particularly a spray. Heat protectant sprays use various types of ingredients to help protect the hair from damage while styling. Damaged hair is much more likely to split.

Avoid excessive use of heat-styling tools. Less heat equals less loss of moisture, which is a big contributor to flyaways.

Wait until your hair is mostly dry to brush it through, and do so with care. Raking a brush through your hair is bound to cause damage or rip out strands altogether.


 Post-Styling Flyaway Control


Use a finishing spray, cream, or oil, depending on your hair's texture and density. If you have thin, fine hair, choose a lightweight product, such as Wella SP Luxe Oil Light Oil Keratin Protection Spray.

Thick, coarse hair can benefit from a light cream, such as Kérastase Discipline Keratine Thermique Creme. A nourishing oil, such as the amazing KEVIN.MURPHY Young.Again Immortelle Infused Treatment Oil, also works to seal the hair and prevent it from attracting static electricity.

Try to touch your hair as little as possible. Messing with your tresses will cause more flyways to pop up. Let hair be, and it should be fine.


Quick Tips in a Pinch


If you’re out and about and find yourself the victim of an errant flyaway, grab some hand lotion. Put a tiny amount between your hands, warm it between the palms, and apply it to stray hairs. This will smooth your style temporarily.

If there’s no hand lotion in sight, grab a dryer sheet. Just as they cut down on static electricity in your laundry, dryer sheets have the same effect on your hair. You can also use a product such as Static Guard on your hairbrush or fingers and comb it through.

From start to finish, follow these tips, and you should be free of flyaways for the foreseeable future. Go forth with your flawless hair and crush the day!