Just Stay or Also Slay


When the cities are lockdown, all of us are required to stay in quarantine, when you wake up, you might be surrounded by all that is awful in the news…overwhelmed by all the fear, the anxiety and the uncertainty that has arisen across the world from COVID-19.

Does that means the world is doomed, there is no any hope at all?  NO, everything is on its way to be better.

Ever-present are the faces of helpers we expect to see: doctors, nurses, healthcare workers, but some less obvious ones are the classed “essential workers” who are working harder than ever to keep the lights on, the shelves stocked and necessities provided to us during this downtime. They are the fast-food workers, grocery store employees and gas station attendants who are often overlooked. At the grocery store recently they are people who put the last loaf of bread into an elderly lady’s cart and another person who brought in a bag of masks for the police sirs to use and stay safe when he heard that they were running out. So how are people getting involved and what can you do?

Suggestions from WoWEbony team:

1)     Keep stay home and wear masks when you have to go out, especially to the crowed inside places like market.

2)     Schedule your life well, make yourself busy with chores and kids. Do not only focus on the bad news.

3)     Pick up your hobbies, like makeup, workout, cooking, dancing even playing Tiktok.

4)     Talk to family members or friends if you feel bored or unhappy.

FYI, hit the link we, WoWEbony team is always here for you to chat with.


All in all, stay safe and also slay better!