How to Get Beach Messy Waves 

                                                                           by Chinahairmall

 If you enjoy your vocation in just a couple miles from the Pacific Ocean in Southern California, you will understood what kind of hair styel is called “beach messy waves”. I-just-spent-the-entire-day-in-the-salty-sea-and-my-hair-looks-so-amazing-I’m-not-going-to-bother-washing-it look. But most of us are living in cooler climates and further from summertime excursions to the beach. Then how can we achieve that  beach messy wave look ?  Compared with someone who has taken genuine beach waves for granted, we who have natural straight or curly hair can only rely on hair application products ? No, we forget the most brilliant product on earth ------ HUMAN HIAR WIG. A wig in beach messy wave style can all your to sleep later and rock and go , also be stunning anytime and anywhere. Of course, it works better if you allow the wig to dry for a few hours in an updo or spray on slightly damp hair with the help of some scrunching action.  What’s your secret to sexy beach hair?