While people still think twice before buying wigs, movie stars and celebrities have been rocking wigs and hair systems for years. In fact, people have witnessed multiple occasions where famous celebrities who wear wigs and hair systems came out in public admitting it. Andre Agassi is a classic example who admitted that he wore wigs during the 90s!



Zendaya loves experimenting with wigs while working the red carpet, and she really knows how to do.


Katy Perry This flamboyant pop star has so many wigs, it's hard to guess what her real hair looks like.


Gwen Stefani She’s just a girl, and that means Gwen likes to rock fake hair in music videos, photo shoots, on the red carpet and in her everyday life.

Jude Law Law has had receding hairline for years, and frequently wears hairpieces in movies and on the red carpet… and probably IRL as nanny bait.

Nicholas Cage Besides being The Worst, Nic Cage is also pretty much bald, and is a fan of hairpieces.

Lady Gaga Gaga is pretty much always wearing a wig. Always. That is not an exaggeration. Whether she's on the red carpet or buying groceries, that hair is attached to her scalp by glue or other means.

Rihanna The “Bad Gal” is known to rock a hairpiece every now and then.

Beyoncé Knowles You think that trademark hair is real? The Queen Bey is quite a fan of wigs.