Temporary Glue-on/ tape in Extensions

Hair wefts are glued to the scalp using liquid glue, these  glue-on can last up to a week. The most common kind is called tape in hair extension, they are made into tinny and super thin pieces which with glue side can be attached together with your own hair between like sandwich. It is very hot and popular in celebrities for it works outstandingly invisible Multi-optional and natural.

But if compared with clip in extensions, it is a little complicated when you try to remove them. They can be removed with an oil-based solventIt’s best to have a hairstylist remove the glue-in hair, but if you must do so yourself, use a scalp oil or silicone spray to gently remove the extensions. Saturate your scalp and bonded wefts thoroughly with the oils or spray so the glue completely softens, then gently slide off the wefts. Use a generously oiled, fine tooth comb to remove any remaining glue residue from your hair and scalp.