How to Keep A Curly Wig

Does anyone have any questions on how to keep a curly wig? 

Tangling on a curly unit is often due to how it is styled and taken care of. The maintenance of curly hair differs from that of straight hair care, so we have compiled a few tips to help you with your maintenance schedule. 

To care for your curly unit, please follow these tips:

1. Start by reviewing our guide on how to wash your unit. Always remember to use a wide tooth comb (no brushes), comb out tangles before washing, do not rub the hair when shampooing, apply curl defining products while the hair is still wet, do not towel dry, and let the hair air dry (please avoid using hair dryers which will make your unit frizzy and damage your lace!).

2. People mistakenly think they have to comb curly hair all the time to tame it, but always remember that curly hair is all about finger combing. You should only really use a comb during your washing and maintenance schedule to undo any tangles. To define curls, wrap sections of hair around your finger. When the hair is dry, you can separate curls with your fingers for a fuller look.

3. Keep hair moisturized with shampoo, conditioners and styling products that are specially designed for curly hair (curly hair products should be absent of moisture stripping agents such as alcohol and should not weigh the hair down). Try not to wash too frequently as it may strip the hair of its moisture and bring about frizziness.

4. Tie your hair at night with a silk scarf. Braid or plait hair in separate sections to avoid any tangling during your sleep.details