How to measure the hair? 


  1. The above picture is showing you that same length in different textures reach different positions of your body.                details
  2. Measure the length from hair root to the position it should reach you want.
  3. The hair length you need:

             Straight Texture = The length you measure as the pictures showing

             Wavy Texture = Straight Length + Wavy Cost Length

             Curly Texture = Straight Length + Curly Cost Length

             We can give you the hair length depending on the exact texture you want.

        4. All prices we quote in the store are basing on the straightened length of wavy or curly.


In China, the way we measure the length of the hair is to make the hair stretch straight, instead of measuring the hair directly. Meanwhile, since the hair is measured by hands, there may be small inaccuracy unavoidably. (0.1-0.3 inches is acceptable)