Tips for Maintaining Your Extensions

Hair extensions make us beautiful and confident, but they also need enough love like our own hair, or even more. Here are some tips for you to extend the using life time of your human hair extensions

                                                                                                                                       --by Max in Chinahairmall

1) Treat them like your real hair. “Naturally textured virgin hair extensions should be treated and cared for the same way you’d treat your own natural hair. Regularly washing, moisturizing and detangling your textured hair extensions is key to extending the life of the hair,” advises Opara.

2) Dry your hair well. Hair that hasn’t been dried properly can lead to scalp issues, including fungal ones. So if you have thick hair, be sure to clip your hair in sections and dry your braided sections thoroughly.

 3) Remove them in a timely fashion. Extensions will damage your hair if left in too long. Pitters recommends redoing interlock sew-ins every 6 weeks and the braided sew-in version every 8 to 10 weeks.

4) Avoid oils, direct sunshine, salt water and too much dust. If you have glue-on bonded extensions, oils will break down the extension glue. And that is something that you don’t want to happen until you are ready to remove your pieces, all human hair extensions are afraid of too much direct sunshine, salt water and dust, so you need to rap your hair well when in above environments.

5)Take a break now and then. Allow your natural hair and scalp to breathe from time to time. Relieve the stress placed on your hair and scalp by waiting a week or two after removal of your extensions before getting them replaced.