Why girls are always in struggling ?

                                                                 Waves or Curls ?

                                                                                               For change is a good thing!

When i chatted with my male friend, he told me that he do not understand his girlfriend who is blessed with gorgeous, bouncing curls, would even think about straightening her hair.  See ? How stunning the curls are ?



But mostly girls with naturally stick straight haired always got herself a perm. It mostly will turn out beautifully. But waves are also amazing


Girls are always in struggling,


 short or long ? curls or waves ? Black or blonde?????????????? Alas, the grass is always greener – we’re always wanting what we can’t have. But who can blame the heart of beauty ? Change is a good thing ! Let girls be girls, never enough for change ! One quick step: styles of human hair lace wigs from www.chinahairmall.com!