Why Do Celebrities Wear Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are the best hair accessory to make girls feel confident and beloved.

They allow you to try a new ‘do with little commitment. You can go from long to short or short to long and back again. You can experiment with colors or textures different from your own. Or you can use them to add volume to beef up a skimpy mane.

Some women wear extensions as a protective style while transitioning from chemically processed hair to their natural hair texture, so as not to compromise their healthy hair goals in the process. “The trend of wearing curly/textured extensions really ties into the overall natural hair movement and the desire by women to have options that fit within, rather than disrupt, their personal style choices,” says Ngozi Opara, certified hair manufacturer and founder of Heat Free Hair.

Others, such as celebrities, models and entertainers may wear extensions as a protective means to shield their hair from the daily stresses that it endures on a film set, photo studio or stage. Whatever your reasons for wearing extensions, choosing the right type for your needs and maintaining them properly is key. Hair extensions varies for material, texture and using way, the highly recommended type is human hair weft and clip in, they lasts long and can be used very easily. Find them easily on our website http://www.chinahairmall.com/hair-extensions.html

Be with you to get look celebs have, you deserve the best!